Friday, 25 November 2011

Natural Hair Removal Techniques: alum & rose water or blackstrap molasses?

Women (and men) can face a lot of issue with excess hair, whether its excess facial hair or too much body hair.
Women who have too much hair on the face can try a number of different natural techniques to remove the unwanted hair, and these techniques can often be applied elsewhere to the body too. (men can also try these!)

Help! How can I get rid of my hairy upper lip or hairy cheeks and sideburns!!??  - this is a typical question from many women - many of whom are from ethnic backgrounds and thus tend to have thicker hairs and darker hairs which make the facial hair problem worse.

Well, the reason you are looking for natural hair removal techniques which work is because you don't want to waste money on laser hair removal, electrolysis or painful epilators. I suspect many women won't even be wanting to shave their faces as its just not 'right' and can affect our confidence!

So, what are the other techniques available to us? Well here are a few that have been discussed across the web which appear to work for many women and I have included a couple which actually are NOT that well known: (please note that towards the end of the blog I have included some helpful notes to ensure the techniques work better for you).

1. Alum and rose water for natural hair removal - this is not so well known but almost like a little secret gem which few people apart from some asian women, know about. It is widely used in Pakistan and India to develop a hair free body and apparently girls use it through puberty to result in hair free bodies by the time they become women. You can buy a rock of alum or in its powdered form. If you are using the powder, put about half a teaspoon into a bowl along with a couple of tablespoons of good quality rose water. try and dissolve this as much as possible and then apply to any part of your body which has the excess hair. Apply with a cotton wool pad or ball and re-apply as it dries.

Do this a few times and leave for as long as you can stand it, up to an hour ideally. Some people may have sensitive skin and therefore may only be able to handle it for around 15 minutes, but try it out and see what works for you.
Wash it off and apply some moisturiser or even an easily absorbed oil such as olive oil or sesame seed oil to the area and you can do this a number of times a week to start seeing results hopefully within a month. Don't quote me on timings though as we all respond differently!

2. Threading with good quality thread for hair removal - yes you can actually buy thread that is designed specifically for threading. Normal thread can also remove all the fine hairs on your face which can often create stranges patterns in the face when viewed at certain angles in light. The threading threads capture the actual main hair instead of the transparent ones and results in a more natural finish. Threading has been a natural hair removal technique for centuries in the Eastern countries and has become very popular over here in the West as its not so painful and it is quick and easy without all the fuss. For many people it can make the hair finer and easier to manage and is ideal for grooming the face particularly around the eyes. This is as natural as hair removal gets!

3. Blackstrap Molasses for hair removal: now this one sounds strange right? Well some women find that this 'throw away sugar' has helped slow down their hair growth on their face which means that if you are currently shaving or threading or waxing, it could really help. How does it help though? Well black strap molasses is like Lyons treacle and if you look at the ingredient on treacle you will see it has a high content of iron and minerals. Women who are deficient in certain minerals will usually suffer with some kind of hair problem - whether its hair loss on the scalp, or excess hair on the face, chest or stomach etc. Women with PCOS in particular have these experiences. However even women with PCOS who have used blackstrap molasses have seen a notable effect in tehir hair growth slwoing down. why? because maybe it is the top up in the minerals and iron that is creating more harmony in the body, helping it not do things that aren't so 'normal' for a feminine body to do - i. produce excess hair.

Black strap molasses is available in health food stores and larger supermarkets and only costs a couple of pounds sterling and it is basically the left over bit of sugar canes being processed. It won't be to everyones taste but if you can stand treacle, you will be fine with this and you should take one or 2 heaped teaspoons a day and see how you get on. I am not a Doctor so please do your own research as well but I would say that the people who do need to think twice before taking this are those who already take iron supplements and those who are diabetic as molasses is a sugar.

4. Shaving for hair removal naturally: I won't talk too much about this one but will point out to women that if you do shave, it won't make your hair grow back faster or thicker - it will just appear that way. Also, shaving should be followed by a good moisturiser and you should also make sure you use a clean shaver because you dont want to end up with breakouts due to bacteria on the metal blades etc! You may not feel feminine shaving your face, but for small areas it can be a useful method to consider.

5. Gram flour and yoghurt mixture for facial hair removal: this one is an asian classic and basically you put a couple of teaspoons of gram flour into a bowl and a couple of teaspoons of fresh plain yoghurt into to the flour and mix to form a thick paste. basically you need the paste to be thick enough so that it doesn't drip off your face. You can add a quarter tsp of turmeric powder to this mix too to enhance it, but, you may get a yellow tinge on your skin by doing so, for a few hours.

Once you have made the paste, apply it to the face and let it dry. Usually 20mins is long enough. You face at this point will hurt to smile! Start to slowly wash the paste off with warm water, rubbing away in circles as you go. It will take a while and may get messy but you basically end up tugging at hairs which have gotten stuck in with the paste. If you do this a couple of times a week you should see a difference to the area in a month or 2 and as a bonus, your skin should look amazing too as gram flour and yoghurt are excellent for the skin - leaving you with a 'glow' and soft smooth skin!!

Some notes about the different techniques:
Alum and rose water technique trick: One thing to note about the alum and rose water technique is that it is effective to do it after hair removal. for example you could thread or wax the area first so that the pores can absorb the alum and rose.

Threading note: In some people long term and frequent threading can actually cause the skin to bruise. This means that although you will end up with hair free skin, the skin may actually get discoloured which is why many people start to develop a greenish tinge under their skin particularly in the upper lip area. So, although a natural technique, it still isn't quite perfect.

Blackstrap Molasses for hair removal: This is usually best stirred into a mug of hot milk or warm water in the morning before breakfast or at night. If your body doesn't like it, then listen to your body!

Gram flour and yoghurt for hair removal notes: you can buy gram flour from most asian/indian supermarkets and grocery stores and these days its also available from the ethnic/asian section in larger supermarket chains. The best yoghurt to use is a live yoghurt that is plain and don't get fooled into picking up something that says 'yoghurt' when in fact the ingredients will prove that it is mostly just cream.


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